My cavity doesn’t hurt…how long can I wait to fill it?

how a cavity gets worse

how a cavity gets worse

We hear this all the time,  “it doesn’t hurt, why do I need a filling, I will just wait till it starts hurting and then I will get the filling.”  

I hate to tell you this but pain equals time and money in my business.  If it hurts it most likely needs something more  extensive than just a simple filling.  Which could include root canals, crowns, extractions, implants and/or bridges.  All very expensive things when compared to a simple small white tooth colored filling.  Here are some points to remember when you are putting off that filling you need.

1.  Every day the cavity is growing bigger (making it harder and more expensive to fix)

2. Once the tooth starts hurting the decay is very deep and close to the nerve ( even if it hurts only for a couple of hours and goes away chances are the decay is very deep) 

3.  Cavities can spread to other teeth ( more fillings, more time, more money)

4. Teeth will start hurting on nights and weekends ( this is not really true but do you want to take that chance)

5.  Smaller fillings last longer ( I wish fillings would last forever but they are like cars and need to be replaced every 10-15 years) 

6.  A root canal and crown is around 10- 15 times more expensive than a simple filling ( it can be worse if you don’t have dental insurance) 

To sum things up, if you dentist informs you of decay then act, don’t put it off! Get that filling before it costs you a ton of money, time, and headache.

If you need a dentist in the Raleigh, Cary, or Morrisville area give one of our local Dentists a call.  We can find you an appointment in one of our wonderful offices Monday – Friday and some evenings.   Just call 919 809-8898 for North Raleigh or 919 651-8024 for our Morrisville location.

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Dog Braces

Yes you can get braces for your dog!   No, this is not a joke or hoax(although this picture is a fake) .  Dogs can have crooked teeth that cause biting problems just like a human.  Teeth were designed to fit together a certain way and when they do they last longer and function better.  This is true with dogs, cats, humans, and any other animals that have teeth.

With proper alignment of the teeth you get Four major benifits

1. Easily cleanable, which relates to less gum disease and less bad breath

2. Less cavities,  due to less food getting stuck around and in between teeth

3.  Less wear and breakage of teeth, the teeth handle the forces better when biting and last longer

4.  Properly straightened teeth just look better,  better self image, more confidence, etc

Well the last one might not really apply to dogs but who knows what is going on in Lassie’s brain.  A quick search on the old google will come up with thousands of results for a vet that can perform orthodontics on your pup.

It is just matter of time before dogs the powers that be will have Invisalign or Six Month Smiles for your canine.

If you are interested in cosmetic fast clear braces or Invisalign please contact one of our Raleigh dentists at 919 809 8898 for North Raleigh or 919 651 8024 for Cary Morrisville area.   or visit us at 

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Can Bad Dental Health Really Cause Early Death?

The answer is YES!

I usually don’t take the fear mongering side of posts but the more I learn about gum disease (periodontal disease) the more serious I believe the disease really is.

About 4 out of 5 people have gum disease.  If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, eat crunchy foods, or floss you most likely have gum disease.  If you havent had a dental cleaning in over a year, you most likely have gum disease.

Gum disease is a chronic painless disease that slowly loads your blood stream with toxic bacteria.  The bacteria inflame veins and arteries as well as your heart, they will cause heart disease and stroke.

The bacteria slowly build a colony, much like an apartment building.  The bacteria slowly creeps below the gums and eats away the bone surrounding teeth making them loose.  The bacteria are small enough to get into the blood stream and infect the whole body.  By this time the bacteria have fortified the “apartment building” and it can not be brushed or flossed away, only a dental hygienist can completely remove the colonies with a dental cleaning.

Enough with the science lesson, the take home message is this disease is completely preventable.  Brush and floss twice a day and get regular dental cleanings. It is that simple, not only will you live longer but your teeth will be whiter, your breath fresher, and you body happier and healthier.

If you haven’t had a cleaning in 6 months do your body a favor and get a dental cleaning with one of our Raleigh dentists.  We have multiple locations in the Raleigh Durham area.  We have hours that will fit the busiest schedules.  Evening, Friday, and Saturday hours are available.  No excuses!  If you don’t have insurance we have a plan specially for you, $200 for 2 dental cleanings, a set of x-rays, and 2 exams.

Contact us at 919 809-8898 or visit us at for online requests.


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Dorner hunt is over and may take Dental records to ID

If you have been following the news mid February, you probably have heard the story about ex-police officer Christopher Dorner wanted for murder of three people, one being a police officer.
The hunt has ended tragically with Dorner being trapped in a burning cabin near Big Bear, CA.  His remains will have to be identified via dental records, if those fall short on the ID then a chest xrays or DNA will be called into play.

Yet, another good reason (albeit dark) to have recent xrays and an exam at your local Raleigh dentist.  If you don’t want someone else’s remains laid next to you in eternal sleep, come see us at Carolina Dental Arts for your check up and cleaning.  All kidding aside we can take care of all of you and your family’s need in our north Raleigh location.  We are open some evenings and some Saturday’s to fit your needs.

919 809-8898 or visit us at  

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Men & Women want straight teeth in their mate!

Men & Women want straight teeth in their mate!
A new survey of 5,500 singles show what men and women are really attracted to.  The survey, published in USA Today, asked adults 21 and older what they value when it comes to attractiveness in a mate.  Below are the results.

10 things Men judge women on:
1. Teeth  -58 %
2. Grammar  -55 %
3. Hair  -51 %
4. Clothes  -45 %
5. Having/not having a tattoo  -40 %
6. Nails/hands  -37 %
7. Accent  -19 %
8. Shoes  -18 %
9. The car they drive  -13 %
10. Electronic devices they carry  -9 %

10 things on which Women judge men most:
1. Teeth  -71 %
2. Grammar  -69 %
3. Clothes  -58 %
4. Hair  -53 %
5. Nails/hands  -52 %
6. Having/not having a tattoo  -34 %
7. Shoes  -29%
8. The car they drive  -24 %
9. Accent  -22 %
10. Electronic devices they carry  -10 %

Both men and women judge each other on their teeth first and foremost!  WOW!  Having a beautiful smile ranks MOST IMPORTANT!  From one hour whitening, to veneers, to fast braces like Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, there are many ways to bring out your smile to its full potential.  Come in for a free consult with Raleigh dentist Dr. Chris Powell of Carolina Dental Arts of Raleigh or give us a call at 919 809-8898

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Japanese Trend: Making Straight Teeth Crooked!?!?

crooked teeth

Yaeba, “vampire teeth”

There is a new trend starting in Japan, people with straight teeth are asking  dentists to make their teeth look crooked.

In the US it is a right of passage to have braces to make your crooked teeth straight.  In fact, I have some pediatric  patients ask if they need braces and they are frequently disappointed when I say “no”.

Vampires have been in fashion lately (Twilight Saga & True Blood) and “snaggle teeth” or “vampire fangs” are a very desirable look to some Japanese men.  They even have a word for it, Yaeba, which means “double tooth”.  Dentist’s in Japan have started putting fake plastic veneers on the canine teeth to give them the look they desire.

A Japanese beauty blog states the reason for this trend is that it gives a youthful endearing look that is deemed very attractive. This look is very reminiscent of the gap toothed look a lot of models had in the 1970’s.

If you are interested in not having Yaeba teeth, please call us at Carolina Dental Arts at 919 809-8898 in Raleigh, NC and one of our fast ortho or fast braces trained Dentists can help get the smile you have always wanted with either Invisalign or Six Month Smiles.  Consultations are always free and we are even open some nights and a few Saturdays every month.

visit us at  to request an appointment or

call us at 919 809-8898



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Super Fast Invisalign = Invisalign Express, Available Now!

By Dr. Chris Powell, Raleigh’s Preferred Invisalign Dentist

Most people know that Invisalign consists of clear trays that work just like braces.  Until last year, dentists did not have a good solution for straightening just a few teeth or just one arch.  Patients had to go through the full process of 12-18 months.  However, Invisalign has just created Invisalign Express 5 and 10.  If you have a tooth that is just a little crooked, but don’t want to go through expensive, impractical braces for a long period of time and are in or near Raleigh, then read on!

Exactly what is Invisalign Express 5 and 10?

Invisalign Express 5 and 10 is a new system of clear aligners, which is faster and cheaper than other straightening methods, even Six Month Smiles.  In fact, it’s the fastest method out on the market today!  Dr. Chris Powell is a Preferred Invisalign provider here in Raleigh, now offering Invisalign Express 5 and 10.

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a Free Consultation (call our Raleigh office, 919 809-8898 or visit )
  2.  If your case qualifies, we choose either Invisalign Express 5 or 10, take pictures and molds of your teeth and send them off for your clear aligners.
  3.  Around 4 weeks later, Dr. Powell will place new clear aligners
  4.  You come to the Raleigh office every 4 weeks for a checkup where we make sure everything is progressing well
  5.  In just 2-4 months, you are done!

Not everyone is a good candidate for this, but we have multiple options and Dr. Chris Powell is a Preferred Provider for both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.  We are sure that we can find an option to fit your lifestyle and budget.

To make a Complimentary Consultation,

Request an appointment online or call us at 919 809-8898

We look forward to meeting you!

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